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Brian Lee Nash

Founding Attorney

I am often asked what experience do I have. The truth is I have helped hundreds of client’s just like you solve their legal problems.

Brian Lee Nash

Brian Lee Nash

Founding Attorney

Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Downtown Nashville, TN

Being arrested is one of the most stressful times in your life. You are searching for someone to guide you through this and I realize you have options.

Read this entire page that I created just for you or call/text now 615-627-4529.


I am often asked what experience do I have. The truth is I have helped hundreds of client’s just like you solve their legal problems.

My experience has taught me that you are probably comparing attorneys. I believe you are wise to do so.

Where many of the other attorneys you could hire focus on their awards (I have those), their time as a judge, prosecutor or probation officer (I get the same and often better deals) or other factors not relevant to the most important thing, YOU!

This quote from the American Bar Association is how I see it: “(You) don’t want to hear about where (I) went to law school, and how great (my) law firm is. (You) are interested in how (my) firm has solved problems for clients who share similar problems (to yours).”

This is why my site says: LEGAL PROBLEMS SOLVED on the home page. I have successfully solved hundreds if not thousands of legal problems for client’s just like you.

I bet you are wondering, can I win your case? YES I can.

I will not stop until the problems you came to me for are solved and I will hold your hand every step of the way.

You definitely are not just a number in my firm. We are trusted partners that work to eliminate any obstacles to your success with not only the pressing legal issues but also succeeding in life after your case is concluded.

I have been known to give out books from my personal library or have one shipped to you, especially when I identify an area I think you could grow in.

The book I give out most is Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships by John Wellwood.

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I bet you are wondering, can I win your case? YES I can.

I focus on YOU and WINNING YOUR case. With your criminal case this is comprised of accomplishing 2 things:

  1. Keeping you out of jail , and
  2. Limiting the damage to your record.

I use every resource at my disposal to win your case. My life experience, my training at law school, my experience helping hundreds and hundreds of clients win cases very similar to yours. I am confident I can win yours too.

How will I win your case? Each case is different but the process is the same. Winning is done through negotiations, motions and/or winning at trial.

After many, many court cases in my near ten years of practicing in Franklin, Tennessee, and surrounding counties, I explain the process and the odds of winning at our initial consultation.

I continue to keep you informed every step of the way and I treat you the way I would expect to be treated if I were in your shoes.

Brian Lee Nash

I am not the hero. YOU are!

It is my duty to inform you of your options and chances of winning at every step. That way you can make an informed decision on which step is the best for you when considering the facts and options in your specific case.

The reason I went to law school was because I love helping people and wanted to help you. After years of being in the courtroom, I continue to win your case but also help you win at life.

Brian Lee Nash

Every great story has a hero and even though you might not feel like it right now, YOU are the hero of this story.

The attorney that is a former judge, prosecutor or probation officer is not the hero. Likewise,

I am not the hero. YOU are!

That’s why I make sure to talk to you, find out the situation and recommend things you, and only you, can do to help win your case. It is a team effort and I am your guide.

I guide you to be the best version of you that you can be and help you overcome these obstacles preventing you from the next step in life.

I am determined to help you succeed and move to the next level of what you are meant to accomplish in this world.

Can you trust me with your case and your future?

YES! How do you know I can handle your case? By trusting your gut, speaking to me, and reading the reviews people leave. You will see I have solved their problems – problems similar to yours.

Click the image to the left and it will take you to my reviews to read for yourself.

I make sure to build trust with you, with the prosecutors and judges and others in the community. This trust with you and the prosecutors is priceless when I negotiate and fight for your rights.

Brian Lee Nash

Check this out: Will the former judge, prosecutor or probation officer tell you I get the same or better deals? I doubt they will. We get similar deals and all of us win for our respective clients.

So why should you hire me?

This is why:

I have solved hundreds and maybe thousands of issues just like yours.

Further, you will be satisfied with the ease of signing up, the direct availability to me and actively connecting and conversing with me. You will also love the comfort of knowing you’re in good hands with an attorney that can guide you through this stressful time;n attorney that places you first and that sees you as the hero you are.

You will know that I care, that I am transparent, and I have made the process to talk to me and to sign up easy. It is also clear from the reviews and through speaking with me that we will do everything to accomplish our two most important goals:

  1. Keep you out of jail; and
  2. Limit the damage to your record.

My Diverse Background & Experience

My near ten years of practicing law combined with my life experience has taught me to add value to people’s lives, get results, and build a real relationship with my clients so that both our lives will be better.

Remember, you are the hero of this story, not me. Many attorneys love talking about themselves. I love having conversations and connecting with my clients.

I don’t need to brag about my accomplishments. It is my hope that the work I do for you and the relationship we build will do the talking.

I know that you will be better off after allowing me the privilege of guiding you through this difficult time.

Whether you need advice prior to moving forward or after you have already been charged, I am able to analyze the situation and provide you with a comprehensive list of options.

I will then begin to negotiate and fight for you – in and out of court.

My diverse background, determination to succeed and superb legal education allows me to find a solution to your criminal matter.

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