Nashville Criminal Defense Case: Robbery vs. Burglary

Even though people often use “burglary” and “robbery” interchangeably, the terms are significantly distinct. In a burglary, the burglar secretly steals any valuable items from a place, while in a robbery, the robber steals something from another person or in the presence of that person, generally using force or a weapon.

Being convicted of burglary or robbery has serious consequences. Criminal defense cases are complicated, and you don’t want to risk your future by going it alone. You can rely on Nash Law to represent you in a Nashville criminal defense case.

In America, there were approximately 24,000 burglary cases in 2020, while 1,197 burglaries occurred without a break-in. According to, there were 3,695 burglary cases and 21,977 theft cases.

Burglary vs. Robbery: What’s the Difference?

When discussing theft, burglary, or robbery, it is common to confuse them or combine them. Most people think they can be used interchangeably when talking about the theft of someone else’s property. Even though burglary and robbery are similar, there are some differences between the two crimes.

As a property crime, burglary refers to entry into a residence without permission and the subsequent commission of a felony. Robbery is considered a violent crime where someone takes something of value from another using force or intimidation. Where the crime occurs and the circumstances are the key distinctions.

Potential Penalties:

The penalties for robbery and burglary also differ. Normally, both the crimes are perceived as serious and the upshot can be a strict punishment. However, for some states, the intensity of these two crimes depends on whether a weapon is used or not or even if someone has got hurt.

  • Penalties for Robbery:

Even though robbery is always a felony, a certain crime involving any kind of weapon the conviction of robbery includes a prolonged time in prison and specific fines. If we take the example of Maine’s law, it states that for a robbery convict, a person is supposed to spend a maximum of 10 years in prison with a huge fine of as much as $20,000.

  • Penalties for Burglary:

Burglary is divided into various extents and some cases are termed as a felony. Some of the key factors include:

  • A burglar armed with weapons commits a crime on the premises of the building
  • Intentions of the person committing a crime
  • The building used was empty or in use at the time of the crime

Getting Legal Help in a Nashville Criminal Defense Case:

A criminal defense attorney can offer you additional insights on the laws regarding burglary and theft, as well as provide skilled representation for you. Our attorneys at Nash Law will fight hard to achieve the best possible outcome in your Nashville criminal defense case.

We can advise you on whether it is wise to accept a plea deal or fight the charges. If you fight the charges, we’ll put together the strongest possible defense. On the other hand, if you accept a plea deal, we’ll negotiate with the prosecution to lower the penalties as much as possible.

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