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Concerning Drug Crime Defense in Tennessee

According to state law, individuals may be charged with a drug crime if police suspect them of illegal activity related to a controlled substance. Drug crimes may be prosecuted by the state of Tennessee or they may be charged as a federal crime, depending if the offense took place in one state or over a number of states. No matter which court tries your case, you are facing a formidable challenge. The police and prosecution are determined to gain a conviction in every case, so it is crucial to your future that you take immediate action to protect your rights.

Once you are arrested for a drug crime, the first thing you should do is demand to speak with a Franklin, TN criminal defense attorney Brian Lee Nash. After requesting to speak with us, you should remain silent. It is very important that you do not answer any questions, but only discuss your case with your legal counsel. We can carefully review your case and do everything in our power to establish your innocence.

Tennessee Penalties and Charges for Drug Crimes

Many drug charges are felonies with severe penalties including fines and jail or prison sentences. The charges and penalties will depend upon the type and amount of drug involved. A drug crime defense lawyer at our firm is prepared to provide aggressive representation concerning drug offenses such as:

Drug Crimes & Penalties in Tennessee

  • Possession: If a person is found to have an illegal substance on their person or property, then they may be charged with possession. To be convicted, the suspect must have known about the drug and have held possession or joint possession of the substance.
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute: Persons that are found to have a large amount of drugs, may be charged with possession with intent to distribute. Courts are especially harsh if the substance is packaged or in a purer state. This is a more serious charge that accuses the suspect of meaning to sell the drugs to others, instead of just using themselves.
  • Prescription Fraud: Many doctors prescribe drugs for medical uses. While these are intended to be a major help to persons with injury and disease, some can be highly addictive and misused.
  • Cultivation / Manufacturing: Anybody found to be involved in the drug production process may be charged with either manufacturing or cultivation. Cultivation is specifically regarding the growing of marijuana plants, while manufacturing involves the creation of an illegal substance. Evidence may include the plants themselves, growing equipment, or laboratories.
  • Transportation: If a person is found moving drugs from one location to another, they may be charged with transportation of illegal narcotics. The transportation may be as minor as passing from one individual to another, or it may involve traveling many thousands of miles.
  • Sales: Also known as drug trafficking, a person that sells drugs and participates in the drug trade may be charged with sales.

Drugs & DUI: if a person is driving a motor vehicle after they have used an illegal substance, they may be charged with DUI. Those convicted of this crime may lose their license and pay hefty fines. If the driver injured or killed anyone in a DYU accident then the he or she may be charged with a more serious crime.

These offenses can involve a number of complex issues. A drug crime lawyer from our firm may be able to employ various defense strategies. An important part of this kind of case centers on police conduct and whether the search and seizure was lawful. If it is found that the police violated your constitutional rights, then the courts may drop or reduce the charges against you.

Tough Representation

When your future is on the line, it is vital that you take action. You will need a criminal lawyer who is ready to dig into the specifics of your case and expose any wrong-doing on the part of police officers before or following your arrest and utilize any evidence found on your behalf. Talk to drug Attorney Brian Lee Nash and find out how we can make a difference in the outcome of your case. Our legal team provides an honest assessment of your case, as well as the possible outcomes and solutions.

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