DUI in Nashville: What To Do If Arrested On Parole

If you get a DUI while on probation, it can put you in a difficult situation because you’re violating the term of probation in a DUI case. Consequently, a police officer can arrest you pending a probation violation hearing. A probation violation may increase the number of alcohol classes you have to take for a DUI in Nashville, increase the suspension period of your driving license, and there is a possibility of jail as well.

Probation should not be perceived as a “free from criminal offense” card. It is a legal system according to which a defendant should be convicted to follow some rules set by the court. According to NHTSA, every day, about 28 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes, which means one person every 52 minutes.

Conditions of Probation You Should Know:

Apart from keeping in touch with your probation officer, there are some conditions of probation you should keep in mind to avoid any violation.

  • Always available for BAC
  • Regular attending an alcohol treatment programs
  • Do not involve yourself in other crimes
  • Keep your probation officer informed about arrests or citations you receive

It is mandatory to report your probation officer if you are arrested for DUI in Nashville while on probation. If you do not report, you could be considered violating your probation conditions.

Review of Violation When Your DUI in Nashville is Reported:

The probation officer will guide you in case of DUI while on probation and tell you how to proceed with the case. It will be considered a serious offense, and they might take you in their custody and might not release you until further notice from the court.

What Are the Potential Penalties?

When you are accused of committing probation violation terms, such as being involved in a DUI, you will be asked to appear in court so that judge can hear your case. If the judge finds you guilty, they will determine your sentence.

The exact punishments depend on the circumstances of the case, such as if it’s your first attempt, the DMV will give you suspension of your driving license for 4 months. If you get another DUI while on probation, the penalty could be more severe and include a 1-year driver’s license suspension. According to the “zero tolerance” standard, it can get worse if your BAC is more than .08%.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Complete My DUI Classes as Instructed?

If you dont complete DUI classes, a few things might happen, but it varies from case to case, such as why you were asked to complete DUI classes and by whom:

  • By the court or DMV officer, as a condition for getting back your driving license
  • By a judge who sentenced you for criminal DUI charges

Your driving license and privileges will not be reinstated if you do not attend DUI classes to get your driving privileges/license back. Your driving license may be suspended for a particular period or canceled permanently. This will make you unable to lawfully drive or apply for a driver’s license in Nashville.

What Should I Do in Case of Not Completing DUI Classes?

If you failed to complete compulsory DUI classes, you should consult an experienced DUI attorney in Nashville. This is the most appropriate way in criminal offenses because there may be a warrant out for your arrest. A DUI attorney will enable you to do your best in your case to minimize the sentence.

Some defenders do not complete their DUI classes within the given time. In such cases, people who cannot complete DUI classes for valid reasons may apply for waivers and proceed from there. However, some defenders do not complete their DUI classes even without waivers. There can be different reasons; for example, the individual may have been expelled from the program. Some DUI class programs have a policy of expelling their participants for unexcused absences (or due to any other reason) at their preference. It might be difficult for some people to continue attending classes because of workload or other immovable compulsions got in their way. They might have been moved out of the state they were living in and unable to attend due to not traveling frequently.

If you are charged with a DUI and probation violation in Nashville, you need an attorney, and for that, you can get the services of an attorney for your DUI in Nashville. They will handle everything from the start to the end for you.

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