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Facebook May Face Federal Investigation Over 2016 Election

Facebook, a website that millions frequent in order to stay connected to friends and family, is in trouble for giving out personal information to nefarious external concerns. The British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica was given access to over 50 million users' personal information, in possible violation of the Federal Trade Commission's 2011 consent decree. Cambridge Analytica then fed this data to pro-Trump organizations (former Brietbart honcho Steve Bannon was on the CA board) to help them spin the 2016 election.

As we learn more and more about Facebook's involvement in what many are calling one of the biggest security breaches in the history of the internet, a new threat is looming. On top of the already active movement by some away from the social media giant (as part of the #deletefacebook hashtag) and investigations by various state agencies comes word that the Federal Government of the United States may be getting involved. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg and his online oasis may be looking at huge fines (some estimate in the TRILLIONS) as well as other penalties over what happened with the UK data firm Cambridge Analytica.

The government is suggesting that Cambridge Analytica targeted specific individuals and groups, as well as creating phantom users, to plant stories and sentiment negative to the Democrats and favorable to Republicans.

Whether this had an impact on the Presidential Race remains to be seen. What's clear is that many inside the FTC see a violation, with former ex-deputy director Jessica Rich calling it "the same recklessness with its users' data that prompted the FTC to take action (against Facebook) in 2011."

Indeed, seven years ago, Zuckerberg and the gang agreed to 20 years of FTC oversight for failing to notify users of its policy changes. There is a possible fine of $40,000 for every violation. Multiply that by 50 million, and the dollar signs add up.

For their part, Facebook is claiming innocence. They maintain that they've been in compliance with the 2011 agreement and that they are vigorously investigating the claims misuse of client information.

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