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No More Alcohol Sales For DUI Offenders Say Tennessee Lawmakers


D.U.I.: Three letters that can lead to a lifetime of pragmatic and legal upheaval. From the loss of driving privileges and the always possible threat of jail time to living with a criminal record, operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs can be one of the most dangerous and damaging decisions you can ever make.

Thanks to Mothers Against Drunk Driving and overall public outcry over the crime, the courts are no longer lenient on such offenses. Now, the government wants to step in and add more regulations onto DUI offenders.

In fact, the State of Tennessee has a bill moving through its legislature which is looking to impose a lifetime ban on alcohol sales to DUI offenders, as well as penalizing the store or restaurant/bar owners who sold it.

The original plan was to give judges limited discretion in sentencing. For a first or second offense, they can give out a one to two-year ban, respectively. The third time is definitely not the charm, however, as lawmakers pushed for a lifetime prohibition on an offender buying booze.

Fortunately for those in the law's crosshairs, an amendment was approved that removes the lifetime ban, as well as any penalties for those doing the selling. If passed, the bill will go into effect July 1st, with offenders mandated to comply. This would include updating their driver's licenses to indicate their status. There is another amendment on the table to delay implementation until 2020.

All of this is tentative as the bill still has to go through the Tennessee House Finance, Ways and Means Subcommittee before being presented to the entire legislature for a vote.

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