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Spring BUST: Don't Let A DUI Ruin Your College Career


Partying in college is often depicted in movies and on TV as a rite of passage, no matter the era. Maybe it's the feeling of freedom that comes with being independent and away from the parents for the first time or perhaps it's the influence of peers and other outside forces.

Whatever the case, making it through four years of college can be tricky, and not just the need to juggle your studies, student loans, outside employment, and the process of personal growth and discovery. We all make regrettable decisions while forging our future, but that doesn't mean you have to destroy your entire life in the process. Sadly, some students make the mistake of drinking and driving, and the results can be devastating.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) estimates that nearly 18-percent of drivers from 16 to 20 years of age, representing about 2.5 million young people, drive while under the influence of alcohol. For college students, the number jumps to 3.5 million. Over 600,000 college aged kids are unintentionally injured as the result of drinking, while close to 2,000 per year die, many involving car crashes.

A charge of DUI is nothing to take lightly. Most states, like Tennessee, have strict laws against driving under the influence and most have minimum/mandatory sentences and prescribed penalties for anyone convicted. Making matters worse, many states do not allow you to "expunge" a DUI from your record. This means that the black mark it creates will be part of your permanent record forever. It is something that can affect future employment, travel, housing opportunities, and social standing.

There are always alternatives to getting behind the wheel, especially in these days of Uber and Lyft (oh, and some antiquated concepts like taxis and public transportation). On the other hand, should you find yourself charged with DUI, remember this one key fact - you cannot fight the case alone. Hire a lawyer with experience in the field and knowledge of how best to represent your interests.

Don't let some youthful indiscretion - or a random game of beer pong - ruin the rest of your life.

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