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What Happens When You Get A DUI While Driving A Rental Car?


Getting a DUI while driving your personal vehicle can be an undeniably stressful experience. So, it goes without saying that getting a DUI while driving a rental car can be even more nerve-wracking. When you’re operating a rented car, you have an obligation to the rental car company to abide by all traffic laws and return the car in its original condition. However, being arrested for a DUI could potentially put a damper in those plans. Keep reading to get more information on what happens when you get a DUI while driving a rental car.

You Were Charged With A DUI While Driving A Rental, Now What?

The consequences of your DUI charge will likely be similar whether you’re driving a rental car or a personal vehicle. However, if the car is impounded, you could find yourself with another issue on your hands. Not only will you have to pay to get the car out of impound, but you’ll also still be responsible for returning the car on time. The rental company may be able to charge you for every day the car is late. Additionally, you could also be on the hook for any other charges the rental company has to pay as a result of your DUI. Failure to comply with your rental agreement could ultimately result in criminal charges.

Can A DUI Impact Your Ability To Rent A Car?

If you’ve already been charged with a DUI - whether in your car or a rental - you may be wondering if this means you’ll be blacklisted from renting again. The short answer is yes. Most major car rental companies reserve the right to look into your driving history, so if you’ve been charged with a DUI, they’ll be able to see. In turn, many of these companies will not rent to anyone who has been convicted of a DUI within the last 48 months as well as people who have racked up three or more traffic infractions within the last two years.

Contact A DUI Lawyer Today

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, the worst thing you can do is try to handle the situation yourself. The first thing you should do is contact an experienced attorney. Hiring the right legal professional is the first step to giving yourself a chance to win your case. No matter what kind of car you’re driving, a DUI is a very serious offense that could affect you for years to come.

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