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Arrest v. Citation. (Video) Do you know the difference between these two? Find out now in this brief and to the point video.

Arrests and Citations are similar and different. One you are taken to jail, arrests, and citations told to come to court. They can be for the same offense.

When you are arrested by law enforcement they usually handcuff you and take you to jail. A citation is where they give you a piece of paper and tell you to go to court.

Citations are a way to let less serious offenders go without going to jail. If you're not a flight risk and danger to society they will often cite you.

If you are from out of town, it's a more serious offense or a crime which requires them to arrest you then they will take you into custody.

A citaiton is a way to limit those who are in jail and like in Nashville help with jail overcrowding.

Citations are also issued for speeding tickets. These are civil infractions that do not carry the possiblity of going to jail. Parking, insurance and speeding are common reasons people get citaitons. Remember speeding over 100 MPH in Williamson County, Tenneessee and you could end up in jail for 24-48 hours.

That's it for arrests v. citations, if you need an attorney because you were arrested or cited call (615) Nash Law now! (615) 627-4529. We're here to help.