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So You're Stressed Out Waiting for Your Criminal Court Date

Law enforcement citing or arresting you is enough to ruin your day, year or life. Waiting for your court date on top of that is even more stressful to say the least.

Then you bonded out. Maybe you used my friends over at Grumpy’s Bail Bonds LLC. You hired me, Attorney Brian Lee Nash, here at Nash Law PLLC and now your emotions are running wild because you want to know what’s going to happen.

In our fast paced world with human attention spans of less than 8 seconds, that’s less than a goldfish according to this Times Magazine article. A goldfish attention span is 9 seconds.

We go over your case on the first call, at the initial consultation and throughout preparing for your court date. The problem is you’re stressed and although we try to take our time explaining exactly what the process is, what your options are and what might happen you keep asking what will happen.

Of course you want to know what will happen! It’s a serious time in your life. We want to know exactly what will happen but there are a number of factors so we can’t tell you exactly what will happen in your case.

We went over the possibilities in our meeting based on our representing hundreds, if not thousands of clients in similar situations, but each case is a little different. We have a good idea what will happen and we shared those with you but you were stressed and law is almost like a new language.

So you missed some things and want to get clarification. Then you remember something else so you call and ask that question. It’s understandable but also frustrating from our point of view because we don’t always have the answer to what you want to know most: what is the outcome going to be.

This frustration led me to creating a math problem to help you understand and communicate why we cannot always tell you the outcome until we go to court.

Here’s law math for your criminal case:

You+Us (Attorney)+District Attorney+Victim+BAC+TOX+Law Enforcement+Judge=Outcome

As you see we often don’t have the factors to determine the outcome until we go to court.

Sometimes the District Attorney talks to us before your court date (on misdemeanor cases in General Sessions Court) but more often than not they need to talk to law enforcement who is generally not available until the day of court.

We are available to answer your questions from first contact all the way through the conclusion of your case. We truly care about the result and will often refer you to the Law Math Problem when we aren’t able to tell you what you really want to know the outcome.

We are here to help you if you don’t have an attorney or you already hired us. Call us at (615) Nash-Law now.