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Franklin Tennessee Criminal Defense Attorney For Out of State Clients

Going to court is stressful, criminal court even more so. If you are not from Tennessee and have a warrant for your arrest and/or a pending court date, the stress levels are through the roof.

I take pride in helping people, especially helping out of state clients. I am Brian Lee Nash, a Franklin, Tennessee criminal defense attorney and founder of Nash Law PLLC. If you’re ready to sign up call (615) Nash-Law now. Keep reading to find out how we can help you more.

Nashville is Booming

Nashville and Franklin have booming economies. They are attracting thousands of you for work and play every day.

Inevitably some of you will be stopped by the police, cited or arrested. This will require you to return to Tennessee to face your charges.

Citations, Arrests and Arrest Warrants

Many do not realize that a citation is actually an arrest, law enforcement just chose not to actually take you to jail.

Often out of state individuals are taken to jail rather than be given a citation because law enforcement wants you to post a bond to ensure your return.

It is important to reassure the bond company about your address, job, overall stability and that you want to deal with this problem head on then post bond and get out of jail.

Be Careful What You Say

Of course don’t make any admissions or reveal too much information. Just bear in mind the bond company is reviewing your information to determine the likelihood of you returning to deal with these charges.

When speaking to law enforcement of course anything you say can and will be used against you. Never forget that. Don’t lie but also don’t help them build your case and put you in jail.

Choosing the Right Attorney

Much like anything nowadays. The best attorneys are right at your fingertips. Hiring attorneys is no different.

I recommend searching for local attorneys or searching online. Pick the top three. The best way is to ask those you trust for a referral and then determine the top 3 and interview them. There are many ways to determine 3 of the best attorney.

I have found that the top marketers (top ranking) are a great differentiator because they care enough and are aggressive enough to do what it takes to get there (sharing information like this post). I approach marketing with as much passion as I do with fighting to keep you out of jail and limit the damage to your record.

Some other indications of top attorneys:

  • Referred

  • Responsive

  • Great reviews

  • Great ratings

  • Badges from trade groups such as Super Lawyers and AVVO

  • Appearance of their website

  • Likeability

Interviewing Attorneys

After you picked three attorneys pay attention to their responsiveness. I strive to answer my potential new clients calls no matter when you call. If I can’t answer because I am in court or occupied I will call you back fast.

I often conduct initial consultation by phone. You will learn the court process, tell me the facts, learn your options, get pricing and be less stressed.

Options for Signing Up

Once your questions are answered and you feel confident we will 1) Limit time in jail and 2) Limit the damage to your record you have two ways to sign up.

  1. Online. We will send you a text or email where you can sign the engagement letter/contract. Retainer. We will send you an invoice where you can pay with a card; or

  2. In Person. This may not be an option for your if you’re out of state but if you are in state or travel here we’d love to meet you in person. We will answer any further questions and you can sign up and pay in person.

We are Here to Help

Call us now to have an attorney that will fight for your freedom and help you come out of this better than when you started.

You can sign up online or in person. Call (615) Nash-Law (6274-529) now! Attorney Brian Lee Nash and staff is here to help you through this dificult time.