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3 Main Things to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Tennessee

3 Main Things to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Tennessee

It is a given you want a licensed attorney, with years of experience and a good track record. That is the baseline all the attorneys should have. The question is how do you decide between the 2 or 3 attorneys you’re thinking about hiring. Here’s how:

  1. Responsiveness;

  2. Reviews; and

  3. Do they care.


If you are calling attorneys in a time of need, you want to be treated how you would treat others in your shoes also known as The Golden Rule.

Does the attorney or someone from their team you’re thinking about hiring respond promptly?

Many attorneys have this mindset they are the hero and you have to conform to them. We know from helping thousands of clients YOU are the hero we at Nash Law PLLC are the GUIDES and we have to earn you trust and business.

We do this by adopting elite business practices and apply them to the law firm.

The first thing we would want is for the law firm is do they respond to calls promptly. And not just new client calls, we respond to all calls with the same care.

We treat you how we want to be treated. If we were in your shoes we would want someone to answer the phone and we would want to speak to a real person. We would also want someone to respond in a reasonable amount of time if the person we need is not available right then (because they’re in court or with someone else) and we would also want a reasonable time frame of when we could speak.

We strive to do these things promptly, because we would appreciate it ourselves and we know this sets us apart from other lawyers and law firms in Middle Tennessee.

You will have peace of mind because from initial call to the conclusion of your case we are responsive. During and after the initial call we always sit with our clients and explain things thoroughly and in depth so you understand and don’t have any questions outstanding.

We have found being responsive and taking the time to hold your hand every step of the way eases your mind and gives you a solid foundation to make decisions in this stressful time and makes our job enjoyable.


You are reading this online. Most people research and purchase things online these days. Many people find attorneys online also. One of the ways to make sure your purchase is a good one, whether on Amazon or a local attorney, is through reviews.

An interesting thing about reviews, especially for attorneys, is that people will almost always leave a negative review if they had a bad experience and if they had a good experience they are reluctant to take a minute to leave a review.

So you can’t always look at just the 5.0 star reviews. Look at the overall rank, the amount of reviews and what the negative reviews say. In law we call this the totality of the circumstances. Between the attorney’s website, the about profile, social media and overall online presence and the reviews you should get a good feel of how your experience with the attorney will be.

Does the Attorney Care

This is really a combination of responsiveness and reviews. There’s other things to look for to see if the attorney and their team cares. You can tell by the content on their website. Looking on the social profiles.

Their about page will say a lot also. Do they just talk about themselves, how they’re the hero. Do they focus on how they are the former judge, former assistant District Attorney or probation officer or do they talk about how they can help you get out this difficult and stressful situation you find yourself in. Do they give you information and specifically how they will walk you through the steps?

We pride ourselves on giving you the information to make informed decisions. You are the hero after all. You need the information so you can hire the best attorney you can afford. So you can walk into court knowing what will happen and can confidently make decisions.

Schedule a consultation with the one you like the most first. See if they feel the same in person as they did online. If so and you can afford their fee hire them. If you have any hesitation or you want to consult with another attorney or two then do so. Figure out which one you feel will best represent you and communicate with you and hire the best one you can afford.

This is how you know the attorney and their team cares.

Responsiveness. What is their tone of voice when speaking with you. Do they want to truly help you like we do at Nash Law PLLC or are they just going through the motions.

Do they have good reviews and what do they say and do they care? Get a feel for the attorney and their team. We would love for you to give us a try and compare us to the other attorneys you may be considering.

We follow the 3 pointers here and also make signing up easy. Either onlline or in person. Call (615) Nash-Law (615) 627-4529 now!