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The 7 Tools and Software 615-NASH-LAW is Using to Solve Your Legal Needs Virtually

The 7 Tools and Software 615-NASH-LAW is Using to Solve Your Legal Needs Virtually

These are unprecedented times all around the world.

Fortunately at 615-NASH-LAW we have been working to provide the best client experience of any attorney or law firm, anywhere.

We are always searching for tools and ways to make YOUR life easier. You are under enough stress already facing criminal charges.

We got inspired to do so after using Starbucks mobile app. With the app they make it easy to order and pay to be ready for pick up. They’re geniuses for making it super easy for their customers.

Here are the 7 tools we use to help solve your legal problems as virtually:

  1. Phone and text via 615-NASH-LAW;

  2. Zoom, Facetime (if you have an Apple device) and other video call tools;

  3. Email;

  4. Electronic forms to collect your information and save you money;

  5. Practice management software to safely keep track of your data, court dates and offering you a client portal;

  6. Practice management software and LawPay to securely accept payments;

  7. Google Drive or Dropbox for sharing large files; and

  8. The United States Post Office, FedEx or UPS to mail or ship things back and forth.

Zoom and other video software are great and useful. It could be easier to connect and we are experimenting with an 8th tool that will allow us to simply send you a secure link to jump on a video call with us. Stay tuned.

Text/Call 615-NASH-LAW. If you're ready to talk to us, call us now. There is a delicate balance and we at Nash Law PLLC strives to get an outcome that accomplishes three things: 1) keeps you out of jail; 2) limits the damage to your record (convictions and constitutional rights); and 3) helps you (and your loved ones) come out of this better than when you started.

“Do I Have to Go to Court? Are Court Appearances Virtual?”

Yes, for criminal cases you will still need to appear in person to court at some point.

By hiring 615-NASH-LAW we keep track of the constantly changing court dates for you.

We can do everything virtually except going to court.

The good news is the District Attorney’s Office for the 21st Judicial District of Tennessee is taking these times seriously and is working with us criminal defense attorneys to resolve cases as much as possible before the court date.

The 21st Judicial District covers Williamson, Lewis, Hickman and Perry Counties in Tennessee.

Call or Text 615-NASH-LAW if you have a legal question or you are ready to get started and have us fight for your rights. That’s 615-627-4529. Nash Law PLLC