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During your student years, you were working hard to be a trusted professional. You studied for long hours and in many years to acquire knowledge and develop the expertise necessary to excel in your profession. In addition, thousands of dollars were spent on tuition and other things to earn a credential and a licensed professional. In short, a Tennessee State Professional License is an important part of your financial and career success. You don’t want to take any chances if your professional license is invalidated.

You should comprehend that your career, financial future, and reputation are at stake. If you are notified of a hearing or are being investigated concerning a complaint about your professional license, contact a skilled Franklin professional license defense lawyer at the Nash Law, PLLC to help safeguard one of your most important documents.

Timely intervention in matters of professional licensure case, professional negligence, or professional liability is essential for a positive outcome. Early intervention allows the corporate attorneys to obtain adequate knowledge concerning a case, research on the professional board’s applicable law, consult with the necessary experts and understand the professional issues. Then, represent professionals on the board of directors or try to address the issue through other ways.

Our compassionate and dedicated professional license defense lawyers work hard to safeguard our clients’ rights and achieve timely outcomes in a cost-effective way. In the first place, taking a proactive approach to prevent formal proceedings whenever possible is what we believe in. If you are encountering such issues, please contact our Franklin criminal defense lawyers┬áimmediately at 615-NASH-LAW. We provide a free consultation to those whose professional license is at risk.

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What Is the Process of Complaints and Investigation by Licensing Boards?

If you have a professional license, it means you have worked hard to excel as a practitioner that can be trusted. You’ve to build up your patients or clientele, put in a good amount of money, time and effort in your career. Once things go wrong, you will receive a call from an investigator of the respective licensing board. This is usually the first sign that your license may be at risk. The investigating agent will be trying to gather evidence and information that will warrant a suspension and even revocation of the license.

When the investigator contacts you, politely refuse to answer the questions asked. When you try to explain or even help yourself out, you can make things worse, giving them the reasons they need to take official action against you. That is why contacting a Franklin professional license defense lawyer is in your best interest.

Occasionally the investigator will send a letter to the licensed professional asking them to discuss the allegations. Instead, write down the researcher’s number and name and reach an attorney. You have the representation right, and the best moment to find an attorney is when the investigation begins. As Nash Law, our professional license defense lawyers have the ability to protect our clients when an investigation is being carried out if we are contacted when the case begins and before the investigator gets an opportunity to question the client.

After the investigation, the investigator can recommend official charges to the board of the relevant professions. Each profession is controlled by a different entity/board.

Below are some of the Tennessee professional licensing boards:

If the Commission accepts the recommendation, there are formal charges that are started, and the issue will be referred to the Prosecutor. Prosecutors are the attorneys that specialize in case preparation to present it to the board at the hearing of a charge. A negotiated solution can be reached prior to a hearing. Once the charges are officially filed, you require a professional to negotiate on your behalf.

For a licensed professional, one professional licensure case is what you will only have. By representing yourself, you cannot manage the complexity of these cases work, and an attorney who does not focus on professional defense should not be hired to represent you. Our lawyers are experienced in how we can best defend your license, and we will use this experience to assist you.

What Consequences Can Criminal Convictions Have on a Professional License?

On top of a misdemeanor of felony criminal charge in Tennessee, professionals can risk a revoked or suspended license after a trial. The state can give criminal conviction reports and rulings to the licensing board, or a licensed professional might be instructed to report convictions, arrests or other allegations to the licensing board.

The licensing board can take a variety of possible disciplinary methods following a conviction or an arrest in Tennessee. Disciplinary measures depend on the profession and type of crime. For instance, it can lead to losing your professional license permanently. If you are being sued, please let our Franklin professional license defense lawyers and legal teams know so that we can identify and defend the risks associated with your license.

What Are Some Activities That Can Put Your Professional License at Risk?

It is crucial to comprehend that anybody can file a complaint against your professional license. Professional misconduct complaints can come from patients, clients, or colleagues. In addition, breaking the law in your own life can directly affect your Tennessee professional license.

A professional license can be revoked or suspended in Tennessee as a result of the following:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior with a client or patient
  • Corruption or self-misrepresentation
  • Poor file documentation or record keeping
  • Carrying out practices that are not licensed
  • Unethical behavior
  • Violating medical prescription
  • Criminal allegations

Franklin professional license defense lawyer

How Can a Franklin Professional License Defense Lawyer Help You?

Whether you are faced with a hearing, currently under board investigation or if you have been informed of a complaint that is against you, it is important that you contact a skilled attorney to deal with the matter and protect your license.

An experienced Franklin professional license defense attorney can assist you many ways including the following, but not limited to:

  • Filing an appeal on your behalf if your license application was rejected
  • Requesting the return of a suspended or revoked license
  • Managing licensing committee hearing and/or consultations
  • Acquiring a new professional license
  • Making new or handling existing licenses
  • Protecting licensees from sanctions, suspension or revocation
  • Defending licensees when their license is jeopardized because of unethical behavior, professional misconduct or crime

What Are Some of the Different Types of Professionals That We Help?

From the time your professional license is at stake, our aggressive Franklin professional license defense attorneys and legal team can start protecting your interests. We have represented licensed professionals for decades, and we are ready and have the ability to represent you if you encounter misconduct allegations in the course of a profession.

Some of the professions we represent include:


Doctors can lose their license for reasons such as receiving a DUI, drug diversion complaints or medical negligence. You’ve worked hard to get a healthcare professional license, and we’re here to assist you to keep it. You can contact us today and let our professional license defense lawyers use their expertise for you.


Your nursing license can be suspended for a variety of reasons, including drug abuse and fraud allegations. In addition, our lawyers regularly represent caregivers and nurses who have failed a drug test, such as THC, as a result of using CBD oil. If you are facing such allegations, contact Nash Law, PLLC immediately to help you defend your license.


Suspicion of drug addiction, misconduct, fraud, failure to maintain proper accounting records or other inappropriate conduct can put your license, livelihood and future at risk. Our pharmacist license defense lawyers are by your side every step of the way, from preliminary investigations and formal complaints to legal proceedings and issues to do with administrative negotiations and appeal processes.


If a complaint attacks your attorney’s license, the best way is to hire an experienced defense lawyer to defend your livelihood, license, and reputation. Bearing in mind that many lawyers have turned to Nash Law, PLLC to handle formal complaints filed with the Tennessee Board of Law. Please contact us at 615-NASH-LAW and let us defend your license to practice law.


Defending a license against an allegation, an investigation, or a hearing by the Tennessee State Board of Accountancy can be stressful. If your accounting license is at risk as a result of criminal prosecution, abuse, or an ethical complaint, we can help defend your career.

Contact 615-NASH-LAW Today for a Paid Consultation to Get the Answer to Your Questions

The consequences of illegal practices while holding a professional license can include severe penalties with implications for your future, such as suspension or total revocation of the license, which prevents you from returning to the profession. Regardless of the severity of the penalties, it is advisable to immediately contact a lawyer who is familiar with professional license defense issues in Franklin, Tennessee.

The sooner you hire a lawyer for your case, the better they will be able to resolve it as the evidence will remain up-to-date, and your understanding of the case will be clear. Administrative, legal issues are taken very seriously in the state of Tennessee, so it is in your best interest to consult an experienced and trusted licensed professional attorney to represent you.

At Nash Law PLLC, we have won many cases using our vast experience to create a strong defense for our clients. We will treat your business and profession with respect, and you can be assured that we will carefully examine your situation to point out the most effective legal options for your case. If your professional license is in any way at risk, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced and tenacious Franklin professional license defense lawyers at 615-NASH-LAW. We offer a confidential paid initial consultation that is a small price to pay for answers to your burning questions.

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