How Can Nash Law Help with Domestic Violence Issues?

It’s a sad fact that domestic violence is a very common problem in many of our lives and all communities all around the world.

The legal system attempts to deal with the problem the best they can with the tools they have. They work to protect the safety of victims while also respecting the rights of the accused.

This is a delicate balance and we at Nash Law PLLC strives to get you an outcome that accomplishes three things: 1) keeps you out of jail; 2) limits the damage to your record (convictions and constitutional rights); and 3) helps you (and your loved ones) come out of this better than when you started.

At Nash Law PLLC, domestic violence defense lawyer Brian Lee Nash and his team are located in Nashville, Tennessee, and serve all of middle Tennessee, and we represent both people who have been accused or charged with domestic assault and also people who are victims of domestic assault or otherwise qualify and are seeking court orders to protect them from domestic violence. If you are ready to talk/text our number is 615-NASH-LAW.

We understand both sides of the criminal case. Our understanding, resulting from learning to understand both sides in law school and by representing thousands of clients, extends to Defendants as well as those filing (Petitioning) for an Order of Protection and those needed to defend themselves against one (Respondent).

We know secrets, strategies, and tactics that can help you no matter which position you find yourself in.

Powerful Domestic Assault Defense

The Parable of the Porcupines helps us understand why domestic violence happens. Not all domestic assaults result in convictions. We are all about preventing people from getting hurt, especially by those they love. It is common that alleged victims have ulterior motives and often exaggerate the truth. Our system is designed to take this into account.

We are prepared to fight and put on a powerful defense using all of our schooling, training, and success with other domestic, aggravated domestic cases also, assault cases and put on a powerful domestic assault defense just for you.

Being accused of something that is a stretch or just isn’t what happened is scary and unfair. You have a right to be given a full trial. We will negotiate on your behalf. Have a preliminary hearing if necessary, file motions, conduct hearings, and have a trial if it is necessary to win your case.

We are ready to win your case, are you? If so call/text us at 615-NASH-LAW today!

As criminal defense attorneys, we provide defense for people accused of domestic violence and other crimes. We fight and find solutions to accomplish our 3 goals:

  1. Limit jail time
  2. Limit the long-term damage to your record
  3. Help you (and your family) come out of this better than when you started.

Call Nash Law for a Risk-Free Consultation

Speed is critical when facing domestic assault charges. We know you are probably out of your house, staying with friends or in hotel rooms. You are cut off from your loved ones and don’t know what to do.

Luckily, we do. If you need an attorney for your domestic assault criminal charges or a lawyer to defend or file a protective order, call Nash Law, PLLC today at 615-NASH-LAW.

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