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Multiple DUI Charges

If you have been stopped and charged with a second or subsequent DUI, you already know how vital it is to have a qualified Nashville, TN DUI defense attorney on your side. The prosecutor is determined to gain a conviction either by taking your case to court or by arranging a plea. If you are not experienced in DUI laws and all of their technicalities, you may not understand the consequences of deciding to enter into a plea bargain. Nash Law, LLC has the knowledge and experience to fully explain your options, the possible outcomes, and the possible consequences so that you can make an informed decision concerning multiple DUI charges.

DUI Defense Lawyer in Nashville: Defense for Multiple DUIs

The penalties for a second, third or fourth DUI conviction become increasingly more severe resulting in higher fines and longer jail sentences. You could lose your car insurance and your job. Finding new employment may be difficult. In order to gain a conviction, the prosecutor must be able to prove among other things that you were impaired by drugs or alcohol and that the traffic stop was lawful. There are a number of technical issues that can and will be investigated by a DUI defense lawyer at our firm. Since the Field Sobriety Test is strictly voluntary and passing or failing these tests is a purely subjective decision on the part of the testing officer, the officer’s conduct will be thoroughly scrutinized. Breath and blood test results may be skewed by failure to follow the exact procedure.

Since January 1, 2012 a blood test is mandatory if:

  • There is a passenger in the vehicle under 16 years of age
  • The driver has been involved in an accident resulting in injury or death
  • The driver has a prior conviction for DUI, vehicular homicide, or aggravated vehicular homicide

Contact Nash Law, PLLC for Representation if You Have Multiple DUI Charges

All DUI criminal cases and civil DUI license suspension hearings are complex and involve technical issues. Criminal defense attorney Brian Lee Nash is prepared to answer all your questions and help you to protect your driving privileges and your future.

Contact a Nashville, TN DUI attorney at Nash Law, PLLC for assistance in fighting multiple DUI charges.

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