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After being arrested and charged with a criminal offense, the first and most important action is to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee. The defense lawyer will use different legal avenues to reduce the potential damages the charges will have in your life and future. This is particularly true when it comes to drug-related cases like drug manufacturing. In this case, you will need an experienced Nashville drug manufacturing defense lawyer.

According to Tennessee laws, a person will be charged with drug crimes if the law enforcement suspects them of illegal activity related to a controlled substance.

A drug offense may be prosecuted at the state level (Tennessee) or at the federal level (if it is a federal crime). The prosecution level will be based if the offense occurred in one state or over several states. Well, it does not matter the court your case is tied to, the bottom-line you need the services of an experienced Nashville drug crimes defense lawyer.

This is where we come into the picture. At Nash Law, we will work hard and use all legal loopholes to either reduce your sentence or get your case thrown out of court altogether. We offer personalized attention to all our clients. Remember, every case is different, and as such, we use unique legal techniques to achieve either one or more of our goals: i.e., limit jail time, reduce the damage to our client’s record, and help our client get their life back better than before.

We give an honest case assessment, which includes the potential defense to use and your criminal charge potential outcome. We do this to ensure that you are aware of the issue at hand. Let’s not forget that we offer a free consultation. Call us today through 615-NASH-LAW and request your free consultation with our firm.

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How Does Tennessee Law Define Drug Manufacturing?

A person shall be committing an offense if they knowingly manufacture controlled substances or process a controlled substance with the intention of manufacturing. This is according to Tennessee law (TCA 39-17-402 and 39-17-417). Tennessee law defines manufacturing as the preparation, production, compounding, propagation, processing, or conversion of a controlled substance either indirectly or directly from its natural origin (organic) substance or independently employing chemical synthesis.

In Tennessee, it is a criminal offense to knowingly initiate a process intended to result in the manufacturing of a controlled substance. It is wise to note that the court can interpret drug manufacturing based on the amount of controlled substance found in your possession.

What Are the Penalties for Drug Manufacturing or Cultivation in Tennessee?

Remember, according to state law, anyone found to be involved directly or indirectly in the production process of drugs may be charged with either cultivation or manufacturing. Cultivation, specifically involves the growing of organic substances like Marijuana, while manufacturing is a process involving the creation of an illegal substance like methamphetamine. Proof includes the plants themselves, laboratories, or growing equipment.

Therefore, if you are charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, you will face a Class B felony conviction. If the manufacturing occurred close to a child, that person will face heightened penalties that will include no parole. One may face the following:

  • Hefty fines
  • Substantial jail time
  • Government or private entity restrictions

To prevent all this, it is wise to seek the services of an experienced Nashville drug manufacturing defense lawyer. A lawyer is in a better position to help you with your defense. Take advantage of our free consultation services by calling our Nash Law defense lawyer.

Can I Face Federal Drug Manufacturing Charges?

Yes! It is possible to face federal drug manufacturing charges. It will all depend on the specific case classification. In other words, some drug manufacturing cases will be classified as federal cases. The determining factors for where your drug charges will be brought (state or federal) will depend on:

  • The total volume of drugs produced
  • The location the manufacturing of drugs occurred
  • If the drugs produced are part of a larger drug operation
  • If the accused was previously convicted of a crime at the federal level

Concept of Nashville drug manufacturing defense lawyer

Federal drug manufacturing charges carry stiffer legal penalties compared to state charges. Federal crimes can be filed against any defendant who participated in any part of the production process. This does also include those who provide chemicals and equipment for the manufacturing process.

Even those who provide facilities where the drug production takes place are liable to get legal action. This includes people who offer assistance with manufacturing drugs for another person; may face federal manufacturing drug charged.

What Are Defenses Against Drug Manufacturing Charges?

Drug manufacturing charges in Tennessee carry serious penalties. In this kind of case, it would be wise to fight back against the charges by going to court and hiring the services of an experienced drug manufacturing defense lawyer in Nashville. Because of the experience our lawyers have, we will fight against your charges in court to the best of our ability. Before tackling a case, we analyze every detail of the case carefully, including the arrest record, how it was done, and the way the investigations were conducted by the police.

Nevertheless, the defense against drug manufacturing charges will include:

  • Were you actively involved in the operation of the meth lab or the growing of marijuana?
  • Did you have an ownership interest?
  • Did the charges rely on information from a confidential informer? (if this is the case, the underlying motive will be brought into question in court)
  • When the relevant law enforcement unit entered your property, was the entry legal? (did they have relevant authority like a search warrant)

How Can a Nashville Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer Help You?

Nashville drug manufacturing defense lawyer will help you in many ways. Some of the ways a lawyer will help include:

  • The lawyer will protect your rights. Remember, even if you are accused or charged with manufacturing controlled substances, you still have rights.
  • The lawyer will help you navigate the criminal defense process. That is because they are complicated.
  • The lawyer knows how to look and find weaknesses in the evidence gathered by the law enforcement agency.
  • Provide legal counsel, advice, and recommendations
  • If all fails, the lawyer will work out a deal with the prosecuting team on your behalf

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