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Once a person has a criminal record it can continue to be a lifelong problem no matter how long ago the offense occurred. It may necessitate explanation when applying for a new job or whenever a background check is done. Tennessee law provides the possibility of relief through expungement under certain conditions. This is when you must contact a Nashville expungement lawyer.

Thus expungement of a juvenile crime or a later record of arrest or conviction may provide relief. If you think you may qualify for an expungement, consult a Nashville criminal defense attorney to find out more. Nash Law, PLLC has the knowledge you need to assist you in petitioning to have your record expunged.

Need a Nashville Expungement Lawyer for a Criminal Case in Tennessee?

While there are a number of convictions that may not be expunged, there are a number of circumstances that do qualify. An expungement attorney can help you file your petition and assist you with the court hearing if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Proceedings against the person were discharged under TCA 40-35-313 except if the charge was for a sex crime
  • The charge was dismissed
  • A no true bill was returned by a grand jury
  • A verdict of not guilty was returned by a judge or a jury
  • The person was arrested but never charged
  • Successful completion of a pretrial diversion program
  • A first offense, other than a sexual offense, committed prior to age twenty-one with no subsequent convictions

If your petition is granted your record will no longer be accessible to the public and will not come up on the usual background check. This can restore educational and student loan opportunities and affect eligibility for training certificates and professional licensing. A Nashville expungement lawyer at our firm can discuss your case with you and advise you on the best course of action.

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