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Childhood is a time of learning rules and correct behavior. Juveniles don’t always stop to think before they act. Generally childhood mistakes and wrong doing don’t have serious repercussions. As they grow older, rebellion or peer pressure can cause them to run afoul of the law.

At times like this a parent may be uncertain about what to do. Nashville juvenile defense lawyer at Nash Law, criminal defense attorney, can help you to understand your child’s rights and legal situation. We take the time to explain everything including all possible options which will help you to make an informed decision.

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The number of ways a child can get into trouble are almost unlimited. Merely being in the company of friends who violated the law may result in a child being wrongly accused of a criminal act. Mistakes in choosing companions, accepting a dare that turns into a criminal offense, the possibilities are endless, but the consequences can be serious.

The juvenile court system focuses on the rehabilitation and education of minors who have deliberately or mistakenly committed an offense. It is important to keep a minor in the juvenile system rather than having him or her tried as an adult.

Depending upon the seriousness of the crime and the child’s age a prosecutor may attempt to have the child tried in adult court. It is vital that you choose a juvenile crime lawyer who is fully familiar with both court systems to ensure your child’s rights are fully protected and he or she is provided an aggressive defense.

What Are Some Common Juvenile Crimes in Tennessee?

Common juvenile crimes in Tennessee include vandalism, drug crimes, shoplifting and theft crimes, violent crimes, underage drinking, DUI, truancy, and sex crimes. If your child is found guilty of a crime that is not eligible for expungement he or she may be left with a permanent criminal record. A Nashville juvenile defense lawyer at our firm is dedicated to keeping juveniles out of the adult justice system.

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