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After the completion of a rigorous training program and many years of hard work, you successfully finish your medical school, law school, or any other post-graduate degree. Then, you sit for the board’s licensing exams and pass, after which you are issued with a professional license.

Sadly, an allegation can completely bring down all these efforts, putting your professional and financial success at risk. You should not take any chances with allegations that put your professional license at stake.

If you receive a notice of hearing or you start being investigated because of an allegation about your license validity, a professional practice, or any other reason, call our Nashville professional license defense lawyers immediately. Our criminal defense attorneys at Nash Law will fight to help you protect your career.

Keep in mind that timely intervention when it comes to protecting a professional license is key. Contacting us gives us adequate time for preparations, gathering the necessary information about the complaint, and review the respective licensing board’s applicable law. Then, we consult with the involved parties and represent you on the panel or solve the complaint in any other applicable approach.

Using a strong legal defense, our Nashville professional license defense attorneys work hard to protect our clients’ rights. We believe in a proactive approach to avoid formal proceedings as much as possible. If you experience these allegations and complaints, do not hesitate to contact us at 615-NASH-LAW. We will help you in consulting the relevant parties to find out whether your professional license is at stake for free.

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What Happens During the Process of Complaints and Investigation by Licensing Boards?

If already you have acquired a professional license, it shows that you’ve put effort to succeed in your career. If anything goes wrong, and you get a phone call from the relevant licensing board investigator concerning your license, it’s the first indication that your license might be at risk. Typically, the complaint is trying to put together the information and evidence required for the revocation of your professional license.

When the investigating agent reaches you through a call, politely refuse to give the answer to the asked questions. Otherwise, if you attempt to explain yourself out, you might end up contradicting yourself or disclosing some vital information that will impact your case negatively, increasing the risk your license is already facing.

Sometimes the investigating agency can send you a letter requesting you to discuss the matter. Instead of replying to the letter, write down the sender’s name and address and immediately contact our professional license defense lawyers immediately for further guidance.

Basically, you have the right to representation, and the most appropriate time to contact our Nash Law,  offices are at this early stage. After defending professional licenses for many years, we have the expertise and experience to safeguard our clients during an investigation by engaging the relevant parties in this early stage even before the investigator completes investigating the allegations.

In case the investigations are carried out and completed, the investigator suggests official charges to the boards of the respective professions. Usually, different Tennessee professions are supervised by different boards.

Nashville professional license defense lawyer

Below are some of the professional boards in Tennessee:

If the suggestion is accepted by the board, official charges are stated, and the case is taken to the prosecutor. Prosecutors are attorneys who specialize in preparing a case for presentation to the board at the charge hearing. If you contacted us immediately, our experienced professional license defense lawyers at Nash Law may have found a solution at this stage prior to a case hearing. However, if the prosecutor proceeds and files formal charges, we can still help you by negotiating on your behalf.

Remember, you will only have one licensure case as a licensed professional, and if you represent yourself, you will not be able to deal with the legal complexities, and without a qualified Nashville professional license defense lawyer representing you, your license will be at stake. In this regard, you also need to make sure you don’t hire a lawyer who doesn’t have a successful history in defending professional licenses.

At Nash Law, we are skilled with a history of defending professional licenses, and we are ready to use the same expertise to ensure you retain your most treasured document.

What Are Some of the Impacts of Criminal Convictions on a Professional License?

In addition to the criminal consequences of a trial in Tennessee, professionals can risk their license being suspended or revoked once they are through with a trial. The state has the ability to give the licensing board rulings, convictions, and reports, or a licensed professional may be given responsibilities for reporting arrests, convictions, or other complaints to the Licensing Board.

The Tennessee Licensing Board may approve a variety of disciplinary actions following an arrest or a conviction. Disciplinary action depends on the type of crime and profession. For instance, this can result in the permanent loss of a professional license. If you are being sued, inform us for the purpose of identifying and defending the risks that your license can be associated with.


What Are Some Activities That Put Your Professional License at Risk?

Understanding that anyone can file an allegation against your professional license is very important. Complaints of professional misconduct can come from colleagues, clients, or patients. Illegal activities in your life also can have a direct effect on your license.

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The following are some of the reasons that can lead to revocation or suspension of your professional license in Tennessee:

  • Violation of medical prescription
  • Corruption, money laundering, or fraud
  • Disclosure of confidential information
  • Rape or any other sexual behavior that is inappropriate
  • Breach of the code of conduct
  • Alcoholism, drug trafficking, or drug abuse
  • Criminal accusations

How Can Help You Defend Your License?

Even if you are facing a hearing or your license is under investigation at the moment, or if you have been notified about an allegation against you, it is crucial that you make a call to an experienced Nashville professional license defense lawyer to handle the issue and safeguard your license. A skilled lawyer like our attorneys at Nash Law can help you in the following ways:

  • Defending your license if it’s at stake due to illegal activities
  • Appeal for the return or a revoked or suspended license
  • Appeal a rejected professional license application
  • Obtaining a new practicing license

What Are Some of the Types of Professionals That We Can Help?

Once you contact us, our Nashville professional license defense attorneys can begin safeguarding your interests. For decades, we have represented skilled professionals, and we are still passionate and ready to represent you if you are faced with complaints of misconduct in your professional practice.

Below are some professions that we represent:


Doctors and physicians may lose their license if they receive a DUI, involve themselves in drug abuse or medical negligence. We always remember the hard work you put in to qualify and obtain the license, and we’re ready to help you maintain it. If that is you, make a call today, and we will help you out.


There are various reasons that can lead to suspension of your nursing license, such as fraud and drug abuse. On top of that, our Nashville professional license defense attorneys often represent nurses and caregivers who may have failed in drug tests such as THC due to the use of CBD oil. As Nash Law, PLLC attorneys, we only need a phone call, and the process of defending your license will have started.


Failure to keep proper records of accounting, fraud, drug addiction, immoral behavior, or other misconduct can put your future, pharmacist license, and livelihood at risk. Luckily, we are together with you at each stage of the process, from the beginning of the investigations to formal complaints and issues related to legal negotiations.


If an allegation is filed to challenge your attorney’s license, hiring a qualified defense attorney to defend your reputation, license and livelihood is the best option. Considering that very many attorneys seek our help when faced with such situations, you also can’t go wrong contacting our professional license defense lawyers at the Nash Law offices in Nashville.


Defending your accounting license against malicious activities, investigations, or complaints by a Tennessee Board of Accounting can be challenging. However, our professional license defense lawyers can assist you in defending it against all ethical complaints, criminal accusations, or abuse.

Call Our Nashville Professional License Defense Lawyers for a Consultation

The effects of arrests or criminal accusations while bearing a professional license can be complete license revocation or suspension, preventing you from returning to your profession permanently or for some time. Regardless of accusation severity, it is recommended that you contact your lawyer with immediate effect. Typically, you will need a professional license defense lawyer who is familiar with issues related to defending a professional license in Nashville, Tennessee.

Keep in mind that a positive outcome mainly depends on the time you consult an attorney, and the earlier, the better. It’s because you still have a clear understanding of the case, and the evidence is still fresh. That is why contacting our team at Nash Law immediately is very important.

We have won many professional license-related cases for our clients using our vast expertise. We treat your profession with respect, as we can understand the efforts you have put into obtaining it. We will use all the resources at our disposal to ensure you retain your practicing license. If you are facing any challenges with your professional license, contact us online or at 615-NASH-LAW.

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