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When it comes to handling an accounting license case, you will want to choose a trusted Nashville accounting license defense lawyer. This is the only way to feel comfortable with the process and how it is going to unfold.

We know this is a challenging time and there will be several hurdles to account for. With our experience at Nash Law, you are not going to be left alone to fend for yourself. We are here to help and that will go a long way in getting your license back.

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How Are Accounting License Complaints Filed in Tennessee?

When an accounting license complaint comes through, it has to be filed with the state. This is going to go through Tennessee’s State Board of Accountancy that is solely responsible for assessing the accounting standards of professionals in the state.

It is important to make sure you are abiding by the state regulations at all times if you wish to maintain your accounting license.

If you are on the wrong end of this, it’s important to have Nash Law by your side. We can help with the legal process and will guide you every step of the way.

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How Are Accounting License Complaints Handled?

When an accounting license complaint comes through, the state board is going to be responsible for investigating the claim and everything associated with it.

In some cases, there are additional legalities at play that are going to go through the state court. All parties need to balance these legalities one by one based on established rules.

For more on how the complaints are filed and what is needed on your end, please take the time to call Nash Law at 615-NASH-LAW. We know how to help and will do our best every step of the way.

What Are Common Allegations of Accounting Misconduct?

Each allegation is going to be unique and that is why it’s important to choose a reputable law firm such as ours for your case. It’s the only way to feel confident in how the claim will be tackled on your behalf.

At Nash Law, we have seen it all and it is this expertise that will allow us to help you immediately.

Here are some of the most common allegations.

Engaging in Incompetent Accounting

You can be accused of not following established accounting standards repeatedly. This can be proven through the documents that are being filed.

If you are in a situation such as this, it’s essential to get Nash Law to represent you. We can help put together a complete legal strategy based on what is written in the allegation and what you were doing as an accountant.

Hiring an Unlicensed or Suspended Individual

There are situations where an individual is going to end up using their firm to hire an unlicensed or suspended individual. This is not taken lightly as an unlicensed or suspended person is not allowed to file accounting documents to the state.

This is illegal and these types of services cannot be offered. It can lead to the loss of a license for those who do this.

It is important to have Nash Law help if you are stuck in this position. We can help and will go through everything to highlight what your options are.

Using False Advertising

This can include any type of false advertising about your services and/or licensing. If the client is made to believe you are something that you are not then it will lead to the loss of a license.

This can also involve any type of claim that is made about how the accounting is completed. Lying is not permitted when it comes to a client’s financial information.

Failure to Reveal Status of Accounting License

This refers to a professional not showcasing their licensing status to a client. A good example of this would be someone that has been suspended in the state of Tennessee continuing to work even when their license doesn’t allow them to.

This is not permitted and it is expected for you to cease working until the license is reinstated.

Nashville accounting license defense lawyer

Failure to Address State Investigator’s Requests

This can include any type of request that comes in from the board addressing allegations. If you are not taking the time to reply to them individually or through a lawyer, this can be seen as a reason to revoke the license.

It’s essential to reply with the help of a trusted Nashville accounting license defense lawyer as soon as possible. This is where we come in at Nash Law.

Not Renewing Accounting License

There is a set date in place when it comes to renewing your accounting license. It’s important to have the renewal in as soon as you can to avoid this hurdle.

If you were unable to do this, it’s best to have a trusted attorney go through the details to help out.

Not Being Compliant With Accounting Standards

There are specific accounting standards in place when it comes to how an accountant works on behalf of local clients.

This can include specific regulations, taxation requirements, and/or how a document is filed. All of this matters and is expected from a qualified accountant. If there are inconsistencies in this, an investigation will be opened against the accountant for more information.

Charging Fraudulent Fees

This can involve attempting to tack on fees for a service that is provided to clients. There are several examples of this including citing unknown fees that should not be included in the invoice given to a client for accounting services.

Accountants are held to high standards when it comes to the financial decisions made when helping clients. This includes how an invoice is processed.

It’s best to have Nash Law go through your processes to understand what your options are.

Falsifying Documents

Accountants that are practicing in the region can end up being accused of falsifying documents. The documentation can vary depending on what was being done at the time.

This can include financial documents and/or any other documents that were being used for accounting purposes in Tennessee.

The state will go through all of this information before understanding whether or not the documents were falsified. This can include a wide array of information.

If you are someone that is dealing with one or more of these allegations, you will want to go with a good attorney as soon as possible.

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