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Are you accused of committing a violent crime in Tennessee?

Law enforcement throughout Tennessee is determined to reduce violent crime and see the perpetrators prosecuted. Despite their efforts, violent crime is increasingly a problem. When officers are pressured to solve and reduce crime, they may make mistakes.

Innocent people may find themselves arrested and facing charges. If you have been accused of a violent offense, you need to talk to a Nashville violent crimes defense lawyer who can act quickly to protect your constitutional rights. Even if criminal charges have not been filed against you yet, taking preventive action may be crucial to your future.

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Need an Attorney for a Violent Crime Charge in Nashville?

A Nashville violent crimes defense lawyer at Nash Law is prepared to evaluate your case from every angle in order to provide an innovative and powerful defense.

Violent crimes include:

  • Kidnapping – may be charged as a state or a federal crime
  • Assault – threatening to touch a person against his will. If serious injury result or a weapon is used this offense may result in a long prison sentence.
  • Arson – intentionally setting fire to a residence or property can mean serious criminal charges
  • Domestic Violence – can prevent you from approaching your home or seeing your children
  • Murder – the deliberate taking of a life
  • Rape – forced sexual intercourse
  • Vehicular Manslaughter – recklessness driving or DUI which results in a fatality

If you have been charged with a violent crime in Tennessee it is urgent that you take immediate action to ensure your rights are fully defended.

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