How Can You Fight Trespassing Charges in Nashville?

Trespassing charges in Nashville can get a person into a lot of trouble. It is an offense that can cost someone a heavy fine or even time in jail. No matter what your intention might be, the system will treat you as an offender. In addition, the crime becomes part of your record and stays with you forever. Whenever someone tries to investigate your background, this piece of information will surely pop up, ruining your chances of getting good things.

However, an individual who didn’t commit the crime on purpose or had other reasons should defend themselves. As told earlier, the state of Tennessee has made trespassing illegal. Therefore, when stuck in such a situation, hire a good lawyer to defend your stance. Without legal assistance, you might not be able to convince the judge and jury of your innocence.

The state allows its citizens to post no trespassing signs, which prohibit anyone from entering their property. Once a person puts up this sign, anyone unknown isn’t allowed to enter. However, the property owner must display the signboard in a visible corner. Entering someone’s property without their permission always results in problems. Instead of putting yourself in trouble, try to be cautious. Due to circumstances, if you end up on another person’s land, try to talk to an attorney first.

What Are the Punishments for Trespassing Charges in Nashville?

An individual is said to be trespassing when he enters another person’s property without his consent. Moreover, the individual doesn’t leave even after the property owner asks him to. In such a situation, the owner has the right to call for help and have the intruder arrested. Anyone found guilty of such a charge has to face severe punishment. It includes:

  • Paying heavy fines
  • Facing jail time

Usually, a trespasser faces up to one year in jail or at least a thousand dollar fine. This amount could increase if the property owner presses more charges. Similarly, intruders carrying weapons face harsher punishments. The possession of a weapon indicates the intruder’s intention of harm. So, it complicates the matter. Every case has one of the three categories. These include Class A, B, and C misdemeanors. Class A category costs you 11 months in jail, class B results in six months, and class C includes 30 days of jail time.

The Types of Trespassing and How Location Affects the Case

Trespassing charges in Nashville are also affected by the location where the crime takes place. There are various kinds of trespassing which include:

  • Criminal Trespassing: A person is said to be entering a property without the permission or knowledge of the owner.
  • Trespassing by Vehicle: An individual can bring on trouble for themselves when they drive or park their vehicle on a privately owned spot. It is a class C misdemeanor.
  • Aggravated Criminal Trespassing: It is somewhat similar to criminal trespassing but has much more serious consequences. The intruder doesn’t only step foot on another person’s property but also breaks locks and doors. So, it falls under class A or class B misdemeanor.

All of these trespassings are considered criminal activity in the eyes of the law. Thus, a person having involved in any of these situations is dealt with accordingly. Along with the category of trespassing, the location also matters. An individual found trespassing at a chemical facility, a private company, or a construction site will be held responsible for a third-degree felony. In such circumstances, the person faces up to five years in jail.

How Can a Case Be Defended?

Without concrete evidence, trespassing cases don’t go on for long. Apart from that, a person can directly explain their situation to the property owner to clarify the issue. Even though it depends on the situation, a good lawyer can help you in getting the charges dropped. Lawyers can build a case that the owner didn’t post any signs or labels to stop trespassers. So, the individual was never aware of the trespassing. Moreover, they can argue that the owner didn’t ask their client to leave.

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