How Can a DUI Affect My Nursing License in Tennessee?

So you’re a nurse, or are in school to be a nurse and or about to be a nurse.

Congratulations! Nursing is a noble profession. You work hard, put in long hours and take on the health issues of others. Thank you! We love nurses, and all in the medical field.

We know the stresses of the studies and job as a nurse are demanding. Often you want to unwind with a glass of wine or a few other drinks. This can lead to blue lights flashing and being pulled over in Tennessee or any other state for DUI or DWI. This stop may have lead to an arrest and will have serious consequences including loss of licensure and disciplinary action. Your employer could terminate you before your case is over and if you lose your license there may limitations on any license reinstatement that may be granted.

As a Nurse in Tennessee, you are required to report criminal convictions, including DUI and DWI convictions, to the Nursing Licensing Board or you will face even more severe consequences.You and your employer love your patients and put them first so you might get suspended while your case is pending. We hope not. We recommend to get evaluated by a health professional, a psychiatrist and/or a counselor and follow their recommendation, if any.

It is possible the Board of Nursing will revoke your license pending or upon the conviction of DUI or DWI and may require you to attend alcohol treatment or education programs to reinstatement your license. It is possible that If you are arrested for a DUI will you are still in nursing school you will be unable to obtain your license. Your clinical studies may even be limited. Most Boards of Nursing require good moral character and some say a DUI or DWI five years or more away shows rehabilitation. Even so, the Board may require a probationary period with certain restrictions.

You work may be restricted as part of the conditions of your probation and the Board may require you to submit to random urine tests to see if you’re still using alcohol or drugs. When you are a Nurse (or in school to be a nurse) the consequences are serious and can greatly affect the rest of your livelihood and the course of your life.

Schedule a Free Case Review With One of Our DUI Defense Lawyers in Tennessee

We recommend that you protect your career that you worked so hard to get by hiring a DUI defense lawyer at Nash Law immediately. Bond out and come see us next to Grumpy’s Bail Bond and the Williamson County Jail. We strongly suggest that you don’t talk about your case to anyone, and hold off on making statements to the Board of Nursing or co-workers until you have talked with us.

Are you a nurse or other medical professional accused of DUI or DWI? If so call or text us now: 615-627-4529

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