Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville

If you are facing felony charges, or have been charged with a felony under the laws of the United States of America, it is highly possible that the following court proceedings can leave consequences that last way beyond your jail time, your probation, and any other penalties you face. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is highly possible that a criminal defense attorney in Tennessee is what you need.

While it is easy to understand that anyone facing criminal charges is placed under immense stress, no matter how big or small the crime, it is also important to remember that your constitutional rights allow you to speak for yourself and pursue the right to a fair trial. For citizens of America and in the State of Tennessee, the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution ensures this by granting all citizens the right to legal counsel in a court of law.

This legal representative or associate may even be yourself if you feel like you can reasonably represent your interests and rights before a court. Alternatively, the American legal system might allocate an attorney to represent your case, and you are also fully entitled to employ a private attorney who can represent you as you think best.

Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tennessee?

It is recommended that you find a good criminal defense lawyer when you are facing criminal charges that might impact you in various ways. Notably, most criminal cases are left with two major alternatives; a state-appointed attorney and a privately appointed criminal defense attorney. The biggest difference between these two is that a state-appointed attorney usually has multiple cases going on at the same time, and cannot promise to grant you their full attention to your case only. Additionally, their restrictions on deadlines and shorter case time periods mean that your case might not get as much time as needed.

On the other hand, hiring a professional criminal defense lawyer ensures the full attention and support of a legal counsel who can guide you in matters of the law, from DUIs and DWIs, to theft, robbery, assault, drug charges, etc. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Tennessee will help in the following ways:

  • Negotiating your plea before a court of law
  • Collecting and reviewing all evidence more quickly and thoroughly
  • Shortening your sentence or charges to ensure less severe consequences on your personal life
  • Helping in reducing or entirely removing a criminal record from all your files, which may hamper your ability to get a good job, housing loans, and even physical movement in your own neighborhood.
  • Upholding your constitutional rights, especially those regarding a fair trial

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney in Tennessee Help You?

Based on extensive experience and long-standing relationships with prosecutors, a criminal defense attorney can guide you on what articles of the law are applicable to your case specifically and what your options are regarding the evidence of the case and previous legal history. A major concern for anyone facing criminal charges is the possibility of probation, jail time, or fines placed on you; a good attorney will help settle your plea to get you the best possible outcomes, while also considering how any consequences will affect your family, your job and career, and your finances, even including your bank credit.

No matter how minor your criminal charges are, you will need a professional defense lawyer to protect your rights before the court. Your criminal defense attorney can help you decide on whether to plead guilty to your crime and find ways to reduce your sentence; or accept a plea deal with or without the relevant punishment; and what else you can do to protect yourself from long-lasting consequences.

While a state-appointed public defender is often considered much cheaper as compared to a hired criminal defense attorney, you should also consider that a better defense in your case can help you in the long term if your sentence is reduced and your criminal record remains clean, so can continue to support yourself and your family financially.

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