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The Criminal Defense Process

What to Expect

The criminal justice system can destroy your life if you don’t have a Nashville, TN criminal lawyer with the skills, insight, and creative approach to fight back! Attorney Brian Lee is committed to identifying any possible avenue for defending our clients. We know how important the outcome of your case is to you and your family, and we are prepared to fight on every front for you! You need help and guidance through every step of the criminal defense process.

Why You Need a Skilled Criminal Lawyer from Nashville, TN

The defense lawyer you choose to represent you is the most important decision you could make in your case. All of us that work within the criminal justice system are aware of this fact; if you are represented by an uninspired lawyer you could be convicted even if you are innocent – as many people have in the past. The process of defending a criminal case moves through various stages, and each one is of great importance with regard to how it is handled, and we are committed to providing the highest quality representation for you in each step. Whether you are facing DUI charges or a serious felony, the repercussions of a conviction can affect you for years into the future. Don’t take chances!

The Arrest

You may have had your rights violated in the arrest process. Law enforcement is required to have a search warrant in most cases and must read you your rights. You have the right to remain silent, and exercising this right is an important issue, whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges.

The Arraignment

You will be formally charged at an arraignment. Never attend a court hearing without our attorney present. Issues such as your plea, bail, and other matters could be decided at this hearing, or at a later bail hearing. We need to be there to help you fight to avoid a high bail or the inability to return home and to your family. If you plead guilty, you do not have the opportunity to change your plea. You need to understand the ramifications of your plea, and the defense options before you make a decision.

The Trial

Both sides present their case. A jury is listening closely to the case presented by each side. You need an attorney that can present a persuasive, well-documented case. Having a skilled litigator fighting for you is critical if you hope to be acquitted. We are here to provide you with high-quality, creative defense counsel. We know that you are concerned about your future. You have the right to an attorney, but we advise you to get one that knows the justice system and can identify the best options for your defense. We are proud to serve our clients and take their cases as seriously as they do. Call the team at Nash Law, PLLC at 615-627-4529 to discuss your case before it moves through the system any further.

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