Understanding How Drug Charges Work in Nashville, TN

The use of drugs is detrimental to the health of a person and society. These harmful chemicals destroy a person’s life. Therefore, every state has rules and regulations to control this increasing issue. There are harsh punishments for offenders so that others are discouraged from conducting such activities. It’s not easy to tackle drug charges in Nashville, TN. Even a minor mistake can cost you freedom and ruin your bright future.

Nashville is strict in matters related to drug offenses. Possessing harmful drugs is not acceptable anywhere. It’s a crime that has serious consequences. A person can be charged with a drug offense even if he has no drugs on him. So one can conclude that anyone producing or selling such substances is held equally responsible.

Over the recent years, there has been a steady increase in drug crimes. Thousands of people are involved in the production and supply of harmful drugs. From marijuana to depressants and stimulants, almost everything is being illegally used. Tennessee is one of the top states where drug abuse is common.

In 2018, opioid overdose accounted for 71.7% of deaths in the entire area. Moreover, a significant number of people enroll in treatment programs due to severe addiction. Even a small quantity of drugs is enough to make things worse for you, so avoid such situations. Try to get in touch with an attorney for the best help.

The Different Types of Drug Charges in Nashville, TN:

Drug charges in Nashville, TN, can vary. Before reaching a verdict, one needs to consider a lot of elements. Thus, depending on the elements, punishment also varies. Tennessee highlights the following types of drug charges:

  • Simple Possession:

If a person is charged with simple possession, then the punishment is relatively low. It’s the lowest category of a drug offense. Since you do not possess a significant amount, you will be let off easily. Most legal bodies term simple possession as a minor offense. However, individuals not aware of this fact might get into further trouble. Don’t feel intimidated or scared.

At most, you will need to pay a fine of a few thousand dollars or face a few months of jail time. Some judges make drug education classes mandatory for offenders along with jail time. With some strong legal assistance, victims can save themselves from extended jail time.

  • Possession with Intent:

People who possess drugs in more than an acceptable quantity are charged with possession with intent. The huge amount of drugs makes it evident that an individual is using them for something other than recreational purposes. It is more serious. Moreover, if the cops find other things like scales, bags, and cash on you, their suspicion strengthens.

A person with the intention of distributing drugs is handled harshly by the law. They may lose their rights and benefits if proven guilty. Still, the state gives everyone a chance to present their side. If you can defend yourself and justify the cause behind keeping the drugs, you might be released.

  • Drug Trafficking:

Trafficking is a serious crime in almost every place. If an individual is suspected of drug trafficking, they might be imprisoned for years. The consequences are unimaginable. Anyone having a link with a drug trafficking group is held equally responsible.

So, those who manufacture, transport, distribute, or sell drugs with such intent are all charged with drug trafficking. The federal government deals with conspiracies involving drugs and even the judges are asked to punish according to laws established by the feds.

  • Selling Controlled Substance:

Selling controlled substances is a felony. In such charges, an undercover cop directly observes the sale and if they find you involved, nothing can be done. No matter what amount a person purchases or sells, they are held guilty. Upon that, a person with a frequent history of conducting drug dealing activities is sentenced to harsher punishment.

  • Producing Drugs:

Producing medicinal drugs with a proper license is the only way to avoid complications. Apart from licensed companies, any individuals, who produce drugs are going against the law. Tennessee bans people from manufacturing drugs such as methamphetamine. It’s a harmful drug that destroys a person’s life. Similarly, growing marijuana or producing cocaine in bulk results in drug manufacturing charges. Such an offense results in a prison sentence and long-term probation.

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Drug charges in Nashville, TN can result in several kinds of punishments. It includes jail time, hefty fines, and probation. Most of the time, you are not guilty but are unable to prove your innocence. Therefore, get our help today. We have specialized lawyers who fight for your freedom. They conduct thorough investigations and gather proof in your favor. Even if you are unaware of the drug charges, our attorney will help you. Call our number to set up an appointment right now.

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