How Can a DUI Conviction in Nashville Impact Your Employment?

In Nashville, the consequences of being convicted for driving under influence are very severe, along with the criminal fines and penalties connected with it. This could lead to imprisonment, heavy payouts, community service, and temporary suspension of your valid driving license. A major negative impact that is usually ignored by people is that how a DUI conviction in Nashville may affect your employment. As being convicted of DUI will stay be a part of your citizen record for the rest of your life, this mistake can haunt you for a very long period.

News4Nashville reports that in comparison with prior years, the aggregate of lethal car accidents in the state has exorbitantly gone up. 584 fatal accidents have been reported in the first six months alone.

Following is an overview of some of the negative factors that may ensue as a result of a DUI conviction in Nashville:

1. Termination:

It is likely that you lose your job if your employer becomes aware of such a conviction. However, this also depends on the nature of the employment contract you signed before getting on board. If any employee commits a crime, many organizations have a clause that allows them to immediately fire such employees.

2. Suspension of Driver’s License:

A car is the most common means of transportation among employed people, who use it to travel to their destined place of employment every day. In the case where you get convicted, it may be very difficult for you to commute. Nevertheless, you may still be entitled to a restricted license while factoring in the nature of your case.

3. Missed Work:

Being convicted for driving under influence, and the whole process that follows can be very time-consuming. Many hours are to be devoted to attending rehabilitation centers, substance abuse counseling, and several hours of community service. This leads to many hours of missed work along with the likelihood of getting terminated.

4. Loss of a Professional License:

As a measure to ensure the standard of service or protect the general public, many jobs require some kind of certifications and licenses. Regulatory authorities that oversee these service professions may revoke them in the event of any inconsistency, unethical behavior, or conviction. After being charged for DUI, your license is also susceptible to being canceled or suspended.

5. Future Job Prospects:

Your dream of having a safe and stable future might be substantially blurred if you get a DUI on your record. Before getting on board with a particular employee, many recruiters execute a background check to make sure the potential employee does not have any criminal associations. Qualifying for a student loan, securing a valid driving license, getting a job at law enforcement can be extremely difficult if you have a criminal charge on your record.

As many organizations account for felony charges, you may be able to conceal your conviction as most DUI convictions are categorized as misdemeanors in the state of Tennessee.

6. No Need for Voluntary Information:

In interviews and job applications, the question of any criminal or civil conviction rarely arises. Candidates are advised not to voluntarily disburse any information to their potential employers unless asked.

7. Background Check Can Alert Employers:

A candidate can end up losing the job if they lie about their charges in an interview. Most employers first conduct a detailed background check of the employee before calling them for an interview. This may also depend on the nature of the job.

Simply saying ‘No’ may seem like the easy way out. However, honesty is the best policy in such scenarios and the best recourse is to navigate the reasons for such conviction, and how you have rectified the mistake.

In some cases, the recruiter may admire the candidate’s honesty, resilience, communication skills, and self-awareness if the potential employee is able to successfully demonstrate the reasons and lessons of the charges. It is observed that the key to winning the employer’s confidence at a job interview is considering the act as a normal event of their life and not some dark awful thing to be ashamed of.

That being said, everyone should try to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol and avoid any charges whatsoever. A conviction can be legally challenged in many ways, as to whether the police search was inadmissible or if there were any procedural errors.

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