Should You Be Honest With a Nashville Criminal Defense Lawyer?

It is natural to feel stressed if you are facing criminal charges, because of the many consequences that come with it for you and your family. No matter what the specifics of your case are, you will need the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer to protect your interests in a court of law.

When meeting with a criminal defense lawyer in Nashville, TN, you need to remember that everything you say to your attorney is protected and cannot be released publically or to a court. This attorney-client privilege is a big reason why you should consider being entirely honest with your attorney when facing criminal charges.

If you find yourself in such a situation where you may face minor or major criminal charges, you will need the best possible defense. A criminal record can impact your employment, finances, and family. Without the full details of your case, no attorney can present a viable defense in a court of law. This is why it is recommended that you remain honest with your criminal defense lawyer in Nashville, TN.

Before your court hearing, a good attorney will be open to questions on the events of your case; you can also have an open conversation on how much information your attorney will need to know to protect your interests. In some cases, an attorney need not know every specific detail. However, it is important to reveal everything that could be important so your attorney won’t be caught by surprise during court proceedings if this information is used against you.

Why Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Nashville, TN Needs Your Honesty:

Below are some of the reasons why your criminal defense lawyer will need you to be honest about the facts and events of your case:

Attorney-Client Privilege:

Under the law, your attorney and the legal firm are under an obligation to keep all communications and shared information between the two parties strictly secret and confidential. Only if you as a client verbally state that you are going to commit a crime or deviant act again, can they break this attorney-client privilege to notify law enforcement.

This privilege means that all your personal information is completely secure with your lawyer. An honest conversation about the information you share, and what information does not need to be shared, can help you feel calmer when dealing with such a stressful situation.

Formulating Your Defense Strategy:

Your criminal defense attorney will be focused on creating doubt in the events and information used to accuse you of a crime or deviant act. Without significant details, they will be unable to formulate a sound strategy to protect you and your case. If you feel like some details, even small ones, cannot be left out be sure to openly discuss them with your attorney when planning a defense.

Evaluating the Law:

While some of your own actions or events of your case may make you hesitant to share details, it is important to remember that your attorney is an expert on the law. They can guide you better on how different actions are viewed by the law and courts.

Because of their knowledge of how the law works, they can use all the information you share to limit or erase the consequences of criminal charges against you. In such cases, your attorney can even use criminal law as a tool or protection for you, by analyzing what activities the law terms as deviant and what actions are not your fault.

Negotiating Your Sentence:

In some cases, it is better for the defendant to plead guilty to a crime. In such a situation, your attorney will need all the information you can provide to help them negotiate the best possible penalties and sentences for you while bearing your interests in mind. If a court presents an unfair plea deal, your attorney can use the facts and information you provide to help reach a more favorable result on your behalf.

Find the Right Attorney to Protect Your Interests:

If you or someone you know needs a criminal defense lawyer in Nashville, TN, then do not hesitate to contact Nash Law to ensure that your interests are protected before the law. Our team of dedicated and experienced attorneys ensures the uplift and respect of attorney-client privilege, and you can rest assured that all your personal information is safe with us.

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