What Will Happen to My Professional License if I Get a DUI Conviction?

A DUI conviction is a serious legal matter that can have severe and far-reaching consequences on many aspects of your life – from your finances, freedom and driving privileges to your personal relationships and career.

And nowhere is the impact of a DUI conviction more pronounced than among individuals with a professional license ( healthcare providers, pilots, lawyers, commercial drivers, social workers, and so on).

Given that licensed professionals are often held to higher ethical and legal standards, typically rely on public trust and confidence to maintain their careers, and are subject to strict guidelines by their licensing boards, a DUI can be disastrous to their careers.

At Nash Law, we understand the professional implications of a DUI conviction. This is why we work diligently to minimize damage to the reputation and career prospects of all our clients.

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Which Licensed Professions Have a Higher Likelihood of Being Penalized Over a DUI?

Typically, professions that involve public safety are subject to more scrutiny and are more susceptible to disciplinary action for DUI or drug offenses. These include:

  • Law enforcement officers
  • Commercial drivers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Pilots.

But you should note that any profession, regardless of the field, governed by a licensing board in Tennessee can carry consequences for drug-related offenses.

Why Do DUIs or Drug-Related Charges Matter to Licensing Boards?

As a licensed professional, there is a certain standard of personal conduct you are supposed to uphold both on and off duty. Licensing boards are tasked with ensuring public safety and maintaining the integrity of the professions they oversee.

Thus, they will investigate any allegations of criminal behavior, including DUI or drug charges, to assess whether your actions call into question your ability to uphold the standards of your profession.

What Situations Can Trigger an Investigation by a Licensing Board Over a DUI Conviction?

There are certain circumstances surrounding a DUI conviction that can trigger a state licensing board to initiate an investigation into the license of a professional.

These include:

  • Failing to self-report a criminal conviction to the licensing board if required
  • The court or law enforcement reporting the conviction to the board
  • A party filing a complaint with your licensing board
  • The board finding out that you have a conviction when conducting a background check after you’ve sought to apply for or renew a license

I Have a DUI Conviction From Another State, Will it Impact My Professional License in My Current State?

Yes, licensing boards typically have the authority to investigate and take disciplinary action based on convictions from other jurisdictions if they believe the conduct warrants scrutiny under their own licensing standards.

Will My License Still Be in Jeopardy if I Am Arrested for a DUI or Drug-Related Charge That Doesn’t Result in a Conviction?

Even though an arrest alone may not automatically trigger disciplinary action, licensing boards may still investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest to determine if your conduct violated professional standards or warrants further inquiry.

What Does the Disciplinary Process Look Like for Drug or DUI Charges?

The disciplinary process varies depending on your licensing board’s policies and procedures. However, it typically involves an initial investigation, formal charges, a hearing before an administrative panel, and the imposition of sanctions if violations are found.

Do I Automatically Lose My License Over a DUI or Drug Conviction?

No, the outcome of disciplinary proceedings is highly dependent on the specific facts of your case, mitigating factors, and the discretion of the licensing board. What’s more, there are other more lenient penalties that may apply other than license revocation or suspension, these include probation, mandatory counseling or treatment programs, fines, or additional education requirements.

Can a DUI Conviction Affect My Career Even if I Get to Keep My License?

Yes, a DUI or drug conviction can have far-reaching consequences for your professional reputation, potentially affecting your employment opportunities, client relationships, and future career prospects.

Should I Agree to a Consent Order if it is Offered?

It is crucial to carefully consider any agreements or consent orders proposed by your licensing board and to seek legal advice before consenting. These agreements may have significant implications for your professional standing. This is why it is always crucial to consult with an attorney.

What if a DUI Has Been Expunged or Sealed, Could it Still Impact My Professional License?

Even if a prior conviction has been sealed or expunged, licensing boards may still consider it as part of their evaluation of your fitness to practice. It is essential to disclose all relevant information to your licensing board as required by law.

Why is it Important to Hire a Professional License Defense Attorney Instead of Trying to Resolve a Drug Use Complaint on My Own?

While you have the right to represent yourself in disciplinary proceedings, it is not always a smart option. The complexity and potential consequences of such legal matters often necessitate the expertise of a professional license defense attorney.

Also, remember that the licensing board is there to protect the public’s interests not yours. So, they will be treating you as a potentially bad actor. A skilled attorney can help put you in the best light and significantly improve your chances of regaining your professional license.

Also, having an attorney helps show them that you are truly committed to resolving the matter at hand.

When Should I Hire an Attorney Regarding My DUI Conviction?

It is always recommended to consult with a professional license defense attorney as soon as possible after being arrested or charged with a DUI or drug-related offense. Early intervention can help protect your rights, navigate the legal process in Tennessee, and develop a strategic defense strategy.

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