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When you have spent so much time, money, and effort in obtaining your professional license, you can’t let it be threatened by a regulatory board investigation. In fact, you have built a good reputation as a professional and maintained a steady practice in Murfreesboro, Tennessee all these years. What will happen to your reputation and livelihood if the regulatory board decides to suspend or revoke your professional license? The best way to deal with the regulatory board’s investigation is to have a reliable Murfreesboro professional license defense lawyer on your side.

There are many criminal defense lawyers in Murfreesboro, TN. But all of these professionals are not created the same. Your research is crucial to selecting the right Murfreesboro professional license defense attorney to handle your case. Nash Law is a trusted name in Murfreesboro, TN for all professional license cases. Our expert attorneys have extensive experience in defending clients when their professional licenses have been threatened with suspension or revocation. We can handle your case successfully and safeguard your reputation and livelihood in the process.

Nash Law represents clients from various professions such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, and more. You have accomplished too much to not take the investigation and hearing by the regulatory board seriously. Think about your reputation, and what will happen to your loved ones if your professional license is suspended or revoked after the hearing? That is why you need to rely on Nash Law to handle your professional license defense case and protect your legal rights. Call us today at 615-NASH-LAW for a free consultation.

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The Process of Complaints and Investigation By Licensing Boards

When a client is wronged by a professional, he or she can make a formal complaint with the Tennesse Licensing Board. The board entertains complaints from clients who need to report mistakes made by licensed professionals when performing their duties as well as those who are unlicensed. Tennessee licensing boards include:

The Tennessee Supreme Court’s Board of Professional Responsibility handles complaints against lawyers.

The authorities will review the complaint and assign a priority code depending on the severity of the alleged professional violation. The authorities will forward the complaint to the relevant regional office for further investigation. When you are notified of the client’s complaint by the licensing board, the most important thing is to call a professional license defense lawyer in Murfreesboro, TN to handle your case.

Typically, the complaint is trying to put together the information and evidence required for the revocation of your professional license. When the investigating agent reaches you through a call, politely refuse to give the answer to the asked questions. Otherwise, if you attempt to explain yourself out, you might end up contradicting yourself or disclosing some vital information that will impact your case negatively, increasing the risk your license is already facing.

Sometimes the investigating agency can send you a letter requesting you to discuss the matter. Instead of replying to the letter, write down the sender’s name and address and immediately contact our professional license defense lawyers immediately for further guidance.

Our highly experienced professional licensing defense lawyers at Nash Law have the necessary experience, knowledge, and skills to evaluate your case and recommend the best options available to you. Our team is always committed to protecting your integrity, reputation, and livelihood by properly defending your case. Call us today to handle your case and protect your professional license and reputation in the process.

Impact of Criminal Convictions on a Professional License

If you have been convicted of a crime in Tennessee, it entails more than just criminal consequences. Your professional license can be suspended or revoked after the conviction. Tennessee’s legal system is geared to report your conviction to the relevant licensing board.

The licensing board will review the case and decide what needs to be done. The board will usually implement severe disciplinary actions if the case is proved. The specific actions will be dependent on the nature of the profession and the severity of the violation. Below listed are some of the most common disciplinary actions taken by the licensing board of Tennessee:

  • Suspension or revocation of the professional license
  • Citations and fines
  • Warning letters
  • Substance abuse treatment or relevant education
  • Probation and diversion programs
  • Certain restrictions or complete suspension of practice.

Murfreesboro professional license defense lawyer

Activities That Put Your Professional License at Risk in Tennessee

Most professionals in the state have worked very hard to maintain their reputation and professional license throughout the years. The slightest mistake on your part can jeopardize your professional license and reputation. You will not only lose your professional license but your livelihood too if such a thing happens. The licensing system is designed in Tennessee to protect industries from engaging in fraudulent activities. Here are some activities that can put your professional license at risk of suspension or revocation:

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Medical malpractice
  • Failing to disclose any disciplinary actions from another state
  • Embezzlement
  • Domestic abuse and violence
  • Practicing under the influence of controlled substances, drugs, or alcohol.

How Can a Lawyer Help Defend Your License?

Our experienced professional license defense lawyers are well experienced in defending all types of professional licenses in Tennessee. No matter what license issue you are currently experiencing, our expert team of lawyers can help defend your professional license and reputation. We will always protect the legal rights of our clients and safeguard their reputations in the process. That is why you should always rely on the experienced professional license defense lawyers at Nash Law.

Professionals We Help

At Nash Law, we defend the licenses of many professionals, including:

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If your professional license has come under fire in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, you should rely on an experienced Murfreesboro professional license defense attorney to protect your professional license as well as your reputation. Our lawyers are committed to protecting your legal rights by defending your case most aggressively.

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